jQuery Image Loader Plugin

This is a JavaScript file released as a jQuery plugin that loads images in a visually appealing way. Instead of the typical block loading that HTML employs while loading images, this plugin waits until the entire image is downloaded then fades it in. This plugin simplifies the process of loading images. It is easily applied to wrappers so that it will load all of the images within it. Its main purpose is to assist web developers and designers in improving their user interfaces.

Image Loading Instructions

  • Include jQuery
  • Include jquery.krioImageLoader.js
  • Instantiate the plugin on the wrapper
  • $(“#test”).krioImageLoader();
  • Watch it load

View the Demo
Download or fork on GitHub


Simon 10:10 am - 13th June:


Great bit of code. I’ve a question though, is it possible to have a loading image play in the background file it’s loading?

Mike 10:31 am - 16th February:

I love that this plug in does not require classes be added to img’s. Very nice!

Tom 5:04 pm - 27th February:

Stumbled across this by completely by accident but this is wonderfully simple solution so big thanks, just made my life a lot easier :)

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